Update: The House Intelligence Committee has voted to release the classified FISA memo to the public and has opened an investigation into the FBI and Department of Justice.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has been “removed” from the bureau following FBI Chief Christopher Wray reading the secret FISA memo alleging wrongdoing by the Justice Department and Obama administration.

McCabe’s roles in both the Clinton email investigation and Russia probe came into question after it was reported last week that he, in addition to former Director James Comey and Rod Rosenstein, is named in the 4-page memo drafted by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) alleging “shocking” revelations of collusion and corruption.

McCabe’s removal comes the day after acting FBI Director Christopher Wray read the memo on Capitol Hill on Sunday.

Donald Trump Jr. sparred with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Twitter over the suspicious timing of McCabe’s departure.

“Yeah right, that’s why he stepped down a day after the FBI saw the FISA memo and the day the House votes on its release. Sure. That’s it,” Trump tweeted Monday. “Now the other media sheep have their talking points. Go spread the gospel. Who do you think you’re kidding at this point?”

Though McCabe had been set to retire sometime in March, the timing of this particular development has not gone unnoticed by other leading conservative voices.

Even CNN’s Jim Acosta acknowledged McCabe was “essentially being pushed out” after Wray reviewed the memo.

McCabe had been the focus of criticism by President Trump and other Republican lawmakers for reports of conflict of interest involving McCabe’s wife and the Clintons.

Trump even taunted McCabe after news of his retirement broke in December.

The House Intelligence Committee is set to vote on the “FISA abuse” memo’s release January 29 at 5pm ET, which is thought to pass due to the Republicans 13 to 9 advantage in the committee.

Of course, the Democrats announced they have drafted their own “counter memo” in an effort to downplay the severity of the FISA memo’s revelations.

“The American people unfortunately don’t have the underlying materials and therefore they can’t see how distorted and misleading this document is,” Schiff said on CNN last week.


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