In the run-up to what some expect to be significant news from the FBI director on the Sony cyber attack investigation, authorities continue to probe a series of threats directed at media organizations, according to law enforcement sources.

Federal investigators are still looking at a Tennessee man who claimed last week that he was behind a prank that sparked an FBI warning of a possible cyber attack on an American news media outlet, sources tell The Intercept.  In a separate incident, FBI officials told The Intercept Tuesday that they are now investigating the hack of a CBS affiliate and the Albuquerque Tribune newspaper; both organizations had their Twitter feeds hacked, and the CBS affiliate’s website was taken over by a group claiming allegiance to the Islamic State.

The news comes as multiple sources told The Intercept that FBI Director James Comey is expected Wednesday to reveal more details about how the FBI determined that North Korea was behind the Sony breach, and respond to a growing wave of public criticism by information security professionals who have questioned the FBI’s attribution to North Korea. Comey is scheduled to speak at the International Conference on Cyber Security at Fordham University.

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