Although the government admits it has absolutely no credible evidence that ISIS or anybody else plans to attack the United States over the 4th of July holiday, the FBI has moved to establish command centers around the United States.

The command centers will integrate local, state and federal law enforcement agencies “so officials can gauge the threat level and respond quickly,” according to Fox News.

Additionally, the move appears to be an effort to engage in precrime tactics:

Another law enforcement source told Fox the FBI’s strategy has shifted toward getting ISIS supporters off the streets as soon as possible, given that it’s hard to predict when one might go operational. This could include arresting individuals on lesser charges and then building a broader case once that person is in custody.

The FBI is known for grooming patsies through criminal informants and then arresting them and working with the establishment media to create sensationalistic headlines that give the impression the United States is under attack by terrorists.

Moreover, command centers and so-called fusion centers around the country are routinely used to monitor political activists, not supposed terrorists. The centers often work hand-in-hand with the private sector to undermine the Fist Amendment rights of American citizens.

“The anti-terrorist apparatus that the U.S. government established after 9/11 has now been turned against law-abiding citizens exercising their First Amendment rights. This apparatus consists not only of advanced surveillance technologies but also of ‘fusion centers’ in state after state that coordinate the efforts of law enforcement up and down the line and collaborate with leading members of the private sector,” writes Matthew Rothschild.

Hyperbolic terror threats issued by the likes of CBS News senior security contributor and former CIA deputy director Michael Morell (see above video) and the Washington establishment are designed to keep a largely bogus and evolving domestic terror threat scheme and the war on terror business model on track despite the fact most Americans are sick and tired of endless terror warnings that are blown out of proportion and do not pan out.

The terror threats will continue to be used as a pretext to build and expand the surveillance grid in the United States. The target of this apparatus is not ISIS and foreign jihadist terrorists, but the American people.

During the Fourth of July holiday in 2014, the state issued a similar baseless terror threat. Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson discussed the ruse:

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