Kurt Nimmo


January 19, 2010

Marx on Wall Street
As this 1911 Robert Minor cartoon published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reveals, it was well known at the time that communism was a creation of Wall Street.

The latest effort to keep the Osama bin Laden myth alive has found its way to the memory hole. On Monday an image that was initially touted as the product of advanced computer technology showing Osama as he might look now vanished from the State Department’s Rewards for Justice Web site. Instead of cutting edge technology, the FBI simply photo-shopped an image Gaspar Llamazares, a Spanish communist politician.

It turns out Llamazares was a big critic of the phony war on terror. Is it possible this had something to do with the FBI’s decision to use him as a template for the dead and buried Osama?

The FBI was created back at the start of the last century specifically as an anti-communist national political police force. It was more interested in breaking up unions and raiding anarchist meetings than going after bank robbers. The “Red Menace” was an earlier version of the current so-called war on terror.

The CIA groomed Osama much the same way Wall Street financiers groomed Lenin and Trotsky. Both al-Qaeda and the communists were a manufactured threat.

The FBI tried to pass off its deliberate use of Llamazares as a mistake. “The forensic artist was unable to find suitable features among the reference photographs and obtained those features, in part, from a photograph he found on the Internet,” FBI spokesman Ken Hoffman told the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

Just a random photo grabbed from the internet — of a vocal critic of the phony war on terror that provides the FBI in large part with its raison d’être.

If you believe this I have a bridge for sale.

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