Joe Kemp, Nicole Bode, Alison Gendar and John Lauinger
NY Daily News
May 26, 2009

The mother of Bronx terror suspect David Williams said the government snitch who cozied up to her son promised him a liver transplant for his dying brother – and even drove the pea-brained plotter to Queens to face charges of groping a woman on a city bus.

[efoods]Elizabeth McWilliams said the informant, Shahed (Malik) Hussain, befriended her son in March as the family worried how it would afford a transplant for the would-be bomber’s brother, who has a terminal illness, the immunity disorder sarcoidosis.

“He promised he would take care of it,” McWilliams said, recalling what her son – whom she called “Little David” – told her about Hussain’s pledge.

“He said, ‘Don’t worry, mom. I’m going to be able to give you money on [Thursday] to help you with the Lord.'”

Williams, 28, an ex-con who had done prison time for dealing drugs, was busted Wednesday along with three accomplices as they tried to bomb two Bronx synagogues. The FBI had been tailing the plotters for more than a year, using Hussain as a middleman.

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