If Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, does not follow her oath of office and indict Hillary Clinton, FBI investigators will go public with their findings, according to former House Majority leader Tom DeLay.

DeLay told The Steve Malzberg Show on Monday the FBI is ready to indict the former Secretary of State on criminal charges related to 1,300 classified documents stored on a private email server.

“They’re ready to recommend an indictment and they also say that if the attorney general does not indict, they’re going public,” the Texas Republican told the radio host.

“One way or another either she’s going to be indicted and that process begins, or we try her in the public eye with her campaign. One way or another she’s going to have to face these charges,” DeLay added.

The State Department refused to release the documents despite long-standing Freedom of Information requests. It finally released a small batch of heavily redacted documents following several court orders.

In addition to confidential messages related to national security, the email dump revealed conflict of interest issues between Clinton’s official duties as secretary of state and “pay to play” schemes with the Clinton foundation.

The media, with the exception of Fox News and the alternative media, have given short shrift to the allegations while many Democrat voters say they will vote for Clinton regardless of criminal charges.

Malzburg also talked with former Attorney General Michael Mukasey on Monday. He said Obama may direct Lynch to not indict Clinton and if he did it would result in Watergate-level resignations.

“The fact is that the president can direct the attorney general not to bring charges. The attorney general works for the president and the president can order that Although I can’t believe that you wouldn’t get people resigning in the wake of something like that, the same way that we did at the time of Watergate,” Mukasey said.

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