The FBI may have used an unmanned arial vehicle (UAV) — or drone — to conduct surveillance operations on several defendants in the State Sen. Leland Yee corruption trial.

In a recent court filing from Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, one of his attorneys, Curtis Briggs, states that included among the approximately seven million computer files, lies video surveillance footage, captured by a UAV monitoring one of the 29 defendants and their family.

Hovering at altitude of 650 feet, and circling a residential neighborhood in the East Bay, above a cul-de-sac, the drone footage runs for approximately an hour in broad daylight. The onboard camera was able to zoom in “extremely close” on front porches, target vehicle license plates, and objects on the ground. The footage also includes a target GPS location, and there was no human involvement “observed at any point,” according to Briggs’ court filing.

He believes the video footage isn’t gagged — like the rest of the evidence — because the government failed to designate it as such.

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