Investigators are asking the public to help piece together where the San Bernardino attackers were during an 18-minute gap in their known movements on the day they massacred 14 people, the FBI announced Tuesday.

Law enforcement officials have accounted for three hours and 42 minutes of the movements of Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, from when the couple opened fire inside the Inland Regional Center on Dec. 2 until they were both killed by police later that day following a chase. But investigators have a missing section in their timeline between 12:59 p.m. and 1:17 p.m. that day, and they hope that the public can help fill it out by providing cell phone video, surveillance footage or other witness accounts of the assailants.

“That 18 minutes is critical,” FBI special agent David Bowdich said during Tuesday’s press conference. “It’s possible they stopped at a storage area, a residence or a business. We just don’t know. It very well may not be an important fact, but we just don’t know.

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