Kurt Nimmo
September 30, 2011

The homegrown terror narrative took a bizarre turn this week when the government arrested an American on charges he planned to blow up the Pentagon and the U.S. capitol with model airplanes.

Rezwan Ferdaus, a U.S. citizen from Ashland, Massachusetts, was duped into thinking a harmless substance provided by the FBI was C-4 plastic explosives. FBI agents also gave Ferdaus six AK-47 assault rifles and three grenades. None of the weapons worked.

Ferdaus bought a model airplane for $6,500 and kept it secreted away in a rented storage facility in Framingham, Massachusetts. The FBI gave their dupe the money to buy the toy. He had plans to buy other military-style model aircraft.

He also allegedly provided agents with cell phones rigged to act as electric switches for improvised explosive devices, intended to be used to kill U.S. soldiers.

"The person was never really a threat,” a nameless law enforcement official told CNN.

“There is no information to indicate he was connected to a foreign terrorist organization. It appears he was radicalized watching videos on the internet. He was given the opportunity to back down, but he never wavered" from his intention – thanks to FBI encouragement – to carry out the attacks, the unidentified source said.

Despite this, Ferdaus will be charged with attempting to provide material support and resources to al-Qaeda.

Ferdaus is another dupe in a long line of FBI patsies tricked into participating in absurd terror attacks cooked up by the federal government in order to propagandize a “homegrown” terror threat.

It does this because there is virtually no homegrown terror in the United States, even though the feds tell us there is and they hold hearings to scare us into supporting spending billions on Homeland Security and its tireless efforts to bring intrusive sexual molestation pat-downs to the local football stadium and mall.

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Not long after the corporate media launched its predictable and lame homegrown terror mantra this week, civil liberties groups began complaining about FBI entrapment.

"It deeply concerns us. It is another in a pattern of high-profile cases. Would this person have conceived or executed this plot without the influence of the FBI?" asked Heidi Boghosian, president of the National Lawyers Guild.

"There is a big, big difference between a plot initiated by the FBI and a plot initiated by a suspect, and it seems this might have been initiated by the FBI," said Ibrahim Hooper, director of communications for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The government’s affidavit against Ferdaus mentions a person identified simply as “CW” who had a criminal record and served time in prison. CW met Ferdaus in December 2010 and began recording his conversations. After CW made contact with Ferdaus, the FBI stepped in and began goading him into committing a terrorist attack. They gave him money to scout targets and provided him with disabled weapons.

It is a familiar pattern. The FBI dispatched a criminal to hunt down a mentally deranged Muslim and get him talking about the fantasy of jihad and al-Qaeda. Next the FBI dispatched agents who posed as terrorists and they gave the mentally impaired person disabled weapons and fake explosives. It is not a stretch to assume they also thought up the crackpot model airplane idea and planted it in Ferdaus’ mind.

“The US has a vast and very expensive Homeland Security bureaucracy with nothing to do. There hasn’t been a terrorist attack in America since 2001,” writes Paul Craig Roberts. “As very few, if any, real terrorists have turned up, the FBI has resorted to creating terrorists by soliciting Muslim-Americans and appealing to them with schemes to aid ‘jihadists’… Like the police who find it easier to frame people than to convict them on the evidence, the FBI will find it easier to manufacture ‘terrorists’ with entrapment than to catch real terrorists.”

The Ferdaus case is anther example of this. Since there is virtually no terror threat in America, the government has to create it in order to keep their bogus and wasteful war against manufactured terrorism alive.

How else are they going to get our consent to invade small defenseless countries and roll out their high-tech surveillance grid in the homeland?

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