The FBI has arrested an Army deserted on weapons charges after he called Osama bin Laden “a diamond” and a “beautiful man.”

Daniel Seth Franey also allegedly referred to himself as an “ISIS solider” and called for the death of American soldiers.

He is said to have declared “… maybe it’s ten years, maybe it’s two days. If the things were in place, whether I learned or not, whether I saw my kids or not, of course I would love to go hit a Marine unit before they went.”

The Washington state man followed other would-be terrorists by falling for an FBI sting and pre-crime operation. He teamed up with an undercover agent to make what he believed were black market gun deliveries. It was not reported if the FBI provided the guns, but considering past sting operations it is likely the guns were provided by the feds. The indictment against Farney claims he illegally possessed automatic weapons.

He had a domestic violence protective order that bars him from possessing firearms, according to KING 5 News.

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