The hacking organization that took credit for infiltrating Sony Pictures Entertainment and stealing 10TB worth of data has also threatened at least one news media organization, according to an FBI bulletin that’s making the rounds in cyberspace.

Known as the Guardians of Peace, or GOP, the group of hackers proved a major headache for Sony, who’s antics appear to have been motivated by The Interview, a comedy involving an assassination attempt against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The bulletin, which is dated December 24, 2014 and is labeled as unclassified, said the threat against the unnamed news organization by the GOP “may extend to other such organizations in the near future.” It was first picked up the The Intercept and has since been posted online (PDF).

In the bulletin, the FBI refers to Sony as “USPER1” and the unnamed “news media organization” as “USPER2,” adding that the GOP posted Pastebin messages that specifically taunted the FBI and USPER2 for the quality of their investigations and implied an additional threat. According to the bulletin, no specific consequence was mentioned in the post.

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