Bill Anderson
April 17, 2012

Once again, we see that the vaunted FBI lab not only produced fraudulent results, but federal prosecutors have hidden the results from defendants because, after all, federal prosecutors always are right, even when they are wrong.

Keep in mind that if we mere mundanes hide information, we are charged with “obstruction of justice” and go to jail. When prosecutors do it, nothing happens. Nothing. (As I see it, the results of the Ted Stevens case were a huge exception and even in this situation, when the misconduct was blatant and transparently dishonest, the DOJ in the end will do nothing about it.)

For the last century, Progressives have told us that if we just give unlimited powers to government agents who have our best interests at heart, then we will have a “great” society. Instead, we get Prison Nation. Another gift from Progressivism that keeps on taking.

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