An FCC meeting concerning a repeal of Net Neutrality rules was interrupted Thursday over security concerns.

FCC chambers were evacuated and sniffer dogs swept the room after Chair Ajit Pai was handed a note.

“I am being advised by security that we are going to have to take a break,” Pai said.

The Daily Caller reports the security concern was a “bomb threat”:

“An advisor to one of the Commissioners told The Daily Caller News Foundation that there was a specific bomb threat. Another senior official in the room said someone called into the office and said a briefcase was set to explode.”

The meeting resumed after the room was cleared, which took “roughly 10 minutes,” according to Business Insider.

As outlined last week, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has been the target of numerous death threats on Twitter over his opposition to net neutrality.

On Thursday the Federal Communications Commission voted to eliminate net neutrality rules, which Chair Pai said severely harms consumers.

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