Colorado women who say they have suffered as a result of a permanent birth control implant now say they are outraged by a decision made by the Food and Drug Administration.

Essure is a tiny coil designed to block the fallopian tubes and permanently stop pregnancy. Thousands of women across the country have complained about health problems after having the implant. In the last year, CBS4 has talked to more than a half-dozen Colorado who say they’ve suffered due to Essure.

In September 2015, the Medical Devices Advisory Committee of the Food and Drug Administration held a day-long hearing on the product. Panel members heard from Bayer Healthcare, the maker of Essure, medical professionals, as well as patients who’ve reported health problems after having the implant. The Colorado contingent felt vindicated.

“We’re finally being heard. It’s been a long battle … years of trying to be heard,” said Debra Logan in September at the time of the hearing.

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