A retired psychiatrist with a Newton mailing address, who claims to offer “the world’s only hope against Ebola,” is accusing the federal government of “medical tyranny” and of violating her First Amendment rights for demanding that she stop calling her product a cure.

In a warning letter sent last month to Dr. Rima Laibow, founder of the Natural Solutions Foundation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission demanded Laibow remove such references from her website and provide a response within 15 days affirming, among other things, her agreement to refrain from making further product claims not backed by competent scientific evidence.

Ralph Fucetola, a 69-year-old retired attorney and co-founder/trustee of the Natural Solutions Foundation, to whom the warning letter was also addressed, said Thursday he and Laibow, 71, have filed a plan of compliance with the FDA and FTC for now, but said they have have every intention of fighting the government in court.

“We consider ourselves an opposition NGO (non-governmental organization),” said Fucetola, a Hampton resident with a Newton mailing address. “We believe very deeply that we are on an international mission to heal the world and are in opposition to things like the Global Health Security Initiative, a United Nations-sponsored agency run by individuals who believe the best way to stop pandemics is by ‘culling the herd,’ and to the Gates Foundation and other organizations who are following their lead. We have accused them of essentially setting up a situation where a dangerous virus can be made more dangerous. … These are depopulationists who are running the show, and we feel there’s a clear effort to use these diseases as a way of controlling the human population.”

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