March 31, 2012

White Oak, Maryland (CNN) — The Food and Drug Administration announced Friday it will deny the National Resources Defense Council’s petition asking it to prohibit the use of bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA, in products manufactured in the United States.

However, the federal agency stressed the announcement is not a final safety determination and it continues to support research examining the safety of BPA.

In 2008, the council submitted a petition asking the FDA to regulate the use of BPA in human food and food packaging. The FDA had been silent since the petition was filed more than 41 months ago. The council finally, last December, sued the administration to get some form of action. Friday’s announcement is a response to that suit.

BPA is a chemical used in many consumer products, including clear and hard plastics called polycarbonate used in water and soda bottles, as well as in the resin linings of food and beverage cans and containers of infant formula.

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