In a culture of calamity, disaster and entertainment are the same things.

It’s thrilling to be scared of Godzilla, Frankenstein, or, well…Trump.

We have a romantic desire to confront chaos so we exaggerate threats and gravitate towards wildly dark speculations.

There are legitimate issues we can have with the president, but Hitler he is not.

A Russian traitor he is not.

A Ku Klux Klan member he is not.

The problem with Trump from my perspective, is his continuity of the Bush/Obama agenda.

He is continuing the war on terror, the drone bombings, the illegal spying and interventionist foreign policy waged by his predecessors.

There seems to be a competition to see who can frame every move Trump makes in the most hysterical terms possible while the coverage of Obama and Hillary’s crimes amounted to apologias for their sins against humanity.

Their murderous and disastrous war in Libya resulted in the death of tens of thousands and the creation of millions of refugees yet was met with praise or indifference by Democrats and the corporate press.

Not all crimes are of equal moral consequence.

The double standard is hidden in plain sight.

The selective, partisan outrage is embarrassingly obvious to an objective observer.

It’s exciting to picture ourselves in a pre-apocalyptic and near dystopian reality.

We have a boogieman onto whom we can project all of our fears and frustrations.

He becomes the embodiment of everything we hate in the world and ourselves.

In Jungian terms, he is our shadow self and if we can only destroy him, we will have destroyed the parts of ourselves we despise.

I tried to poke fun at the epidemic of Trumpohobia with this illustration (Originally created for The New York Times) and at the same time show that the terror people are feeling is real, even if it is a partisan over-reaction to the threat in my view.

Ironically, I feel the Times (The same paper that promoted the Iraq War lies) is a major culprit in promoting and fueling the climate of fear and loathing for their own naked political agenda.

It is clear that most of those opposed to the Trump agenda don’t really hate war or tyranny at all, (They nominated Hillary Clinton) they simply hate Trump.

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