Lew Rockwell
LRC Blog
May 31, 2011

Thanks to Gary North for a piece of good news. But we can know, even in war hysteria, that there were no “security” concerns, since none of the Japanese-Americans in Hawaii were incarcerated on suspicion of not loving FDR enough. My own view is that the California atrocities, at least, were driven by the desire for loot. After the Japanese property owners were seized, their taxes were declared due and payable, and–since there was no one to pay them–insiders picked up businesses, farms, and houses for a song. How much did the evil Cal. gov. Earl Warren and his cohorts make out of this massive theft?

Just a few years ago, the late Burt Blumert told me that it was still politically incorrect to discuss all this along the Coastside, south of San Francisco, where German-American and Italian-American properties were stolen, as well as Japanese. Like the torture-deaths and dispossession of loyalists after the American revolution, such things are covered up for the sake of the official tale.

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