Right now, nearly 300 unaccompanied alien children are living in the metro Richmond area.

The numbers are being tracked by the federal government, but as many news reports have discovered very little is known about these children at a local level. The numbers released by the Office of Refugee Resettlement shows where these children are by county and city.

According to the report, there are 55 children in Henrico, 115 in Chesterfield County and 129 living in Richmond City.

“What we’re seeing is a refugee crisis,” says Simon Sandoval Moshenberg an attorney with the Virginia Legal Aide Justice Center and is representing some of these children in their deportation proceedings. He says many of them are escaping violence in their home countries. The process should only take six to nine months. But, “So far the process have been marked by tremendous confusion and delay on the parts by the courts because the courts are completely overwhelmed,” he said.

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