Kurt Nimmo
November 9, 2012

Following ballot initiatives in Colorado and Washington state legalizing recreational use of marijuana, the federal government has exerted itself in Oregon by attacking medical marijuana.

In March, the feds raided two properties in Medford, Oregon, and destroyed 800 marijuana plants and grabbed more than 400 pounds of dried marijuana. James Bowman, who grew High Hopes marijuana under Oregon’s medical marijuana program, was not arrested.

Now the feds want to seized his property:

The properties include a residence owned by Bowman’s girlfriend, valued at $173,000, and a nearby rented piece of property valued at $1.27 million. The owner said Bowman told him not to worry about federal seizure because he was following the letter of Oregon’s medical marijuana program.

The court action appears to be timed to coincide with the two ballot initiatives at odds with federal laws on marijuana.

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