The National Science Foundation (NSF) gave out more than three million dollars to fight “implicit bias,” “microaggressions,” and “lack of diversity” in STEM fields this July.

Founded by Congress in 1950, the NSF is a federal agency that seeks to “promote the progress of science” by funding research and collaborating with scientists, according to its website.

This month alone, the NSF has funded at least three social-justice themed projects, which together cost taxpayers $3,173,684.

On July 5, the NSF granted $174,932 to fund an “Implicit Bias Conference,” which will be organized by Stanford University professor Jon Krosnick and held at the end of August.

Researchers and professors at the conference will review the scientific literature on the concept of implicit bias and “identify fruitful directions for future work.”

Upon the conclusion of the conference, researchers will also create a report of their findings about implicit bias, which will be disseminated wildly to “help business and government agencies to work more efficiently and effectively to understand and address bias,” according to the grant description.

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