The Justice Department has dropped its case against an Oakland medical marijuana collective, ending a four-year battle over what is considered the largest medical pot dispensary in the nation.

Harborside Health Center, which first opened in 2006, has been embroiled in litigation since 2012, when then-U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag began cracking downon medical pot shops in California. (Haag stepped down from her post last year.) On Tuesday, Harborside announced the Justice Department was dropping its case against the dispensary.

“When US Attorney Melinda Haag first filed suit to seize the property Harborside is located in, I vowed we would never abandon our patients … and predicted Harborside would outlast the efforts to close us down,” Harborside Executive Director Steve DeAngelo said in a statement. “Today, thanks to the deep support of our community and our elected officials, and the skill and determination of our legal counsel, that prediction has come true.”

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