Kurt Nimmo
September 29, 2010

Homeland Security, the Department of Transportation, and the Transportation Security Administration are forcing trucks into a “counter-terror” checkpoint outside of Atlanta.

The feds are using a Georgia truck weight station for its “counter-terror” operation.

“A team of federal agents stopped tractor-trailers on Interstate 20 just west of Atlanta, inspecting each truck as it passed through a weigh station,” WSBTV in Atlanta reports this morning. The operation is part of a “training exercise,” according to authorities, and includes the participation of a Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPER) team, according to the news station.

In 2005, the feds created VIPER to search bus and train stations, ferries, and mass transit facilities across the country to “counter potential criminal terrorist activity in all modes of transportation.” Each VIPER team consists two air marshals, one TSA bomb-sniffing-canine team, one or two transportation security inspectors, one local law enforcement officer, and one other TSA employee. “TSA is going to extend its outreach into other modes of transportation,” said David Adams, spokesman for the Federal Air Marshal Service, told the Washington Post on December 14, 2005.

VIPER teams patrol Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor and Los Angeles rail lines, ferries in Washington state, bus stations in Houston, and mass transit systems in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore.

“The VIPER teams have nothing to do with preventing terrorism, they are there to get people to cower and accept they are under control,” wrote Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson on December 23, 2005. Jones and Watson cited David Adams, who admitted that there was no new intelligence indicating that terrorists were interested in targeting transportation modes.

This is not the first time VIPER teams have been used against motorists. In October, 2009, the TSA, Coast Guard, NCIS, FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, Norfolk Police and Virginia Beach Police set-up a checkpoint at both ends of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

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Around the same time, the TSA conducted a Gestapo-like operation at a Greyhound bus terminal near downtown Orlando. Nearly 700 bus passengers were forced to surrender their Fourth Amendment and endure searches by the TSA. “There was no specific threat to the bus station on John Young Parkway south of Colonial Drive,” the Orlando Sentinel reported on October 24, 2009.

In February of this year, ABC News ran a feel-good piece about another TSA operation conducted in Tampa, Florida.

As we noted earlier this year, the government is keen to convert the TSA into a military operation. Robert Harding, Obama’s pick to head the agency, told members of the Senate Commerce Committee in March that he would like to see U.S. airport security to more closely resemble security at Israeli airports. The Israelis are notorious for political persecution of Palestinian activists.

In addition to responding to government-created terrorist groups, the TSA is known for its political interrogation. In 2009, Steve Bierfeldt, director of development for Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty, was interrogated and harassed by TSA goons in St. Louis. The MIAC report, leaked to Alex Jones in early 2009, specifically denotes Ron Paul supporters as domestic terrorists. The Department of Homeland Security report leaked shortly after also characterizes members of “right-wing extremist” political groups as potential terrorists.

The TSA told WSBTV that the truck checkpoint set-up in Georgia yesterday is not in response to a specific threat. Instead, it appears they are exploiting recent warnings about a possible false flag terror attack.

On Tuesday, U.S. and European officials said they detected a plot to carry out a major, coordinated series of commando-style terror attacks in Britain, France, Germany and possibly the United States, according to ABC News. “US law enforcement officials say they have been told the terrorists were planning a series of ‘Mumbai-style’ commando raids on what were termed ‘economic or soft’ targets in the countries. Pakistani militants killed 173 people with guns and grenades during the 2008 attacks in Mumbai, India.”

Earlier this year Indian’s home secretary, G. K. Pillai, said that the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks in which 166 people died were “clients and creations” of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency of the Pakistan army.” The ISI worked closely with the CIA to create the Afghan Mujahideen in the 1980s and the Taliban in the 1990s. Elements of the Afghan Mujahideen would later become al-Qaeda.

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In November of 2009, it was revealed that American intelligence had an agent inside Lashkar-e-Taiba, the group allegedly responsible for the deadly attack. David Coleman Headley, aka Daood Gilani, a convicted drug smuggler, worked with Lashkar-e-Taiba and frequently introduced himself as a CIA agent. The Pakistani terror organization was organized by the ISI, presumably at the behest of the CIA and western intelligence.

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