Matt Ryan
September 29, 2010

Vaccine Deaths

On today’s Alex Jones Show, Alex called for everyone to Google the phrase, “Feds Radiating Americans” and the response was outstanding. Once again, the the term given on the show reached the top spot on Google Trends. This is yet another example of united action on the part of freedom-loving patriots.

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Without your continued support in spreading the word about the truth, important matters such as mass radiation of citizens would find themselves buried under a blanket of lies and deception on the part of mainstream media.

The original article written by Paul Joseph Watson, Feds Radiating Americans at Internal Checkpoints, covers the growth and dangers behind the trend of radiating American citizens in their own neighborhoods, at airports, and even while driving down the street. This intrusion of privacy and careless disregard for safety is an important matter that impacts every American. If this can go on unchecked today, there is no telling what will happen tomorrow.

Thank you.


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