Kurt Nimmo
August 23, 2012

In Nevada, if you decide to vote, you will have to vote for the establishment or one of the non-establishment parties allowed on the ballot by the establishment (after it is determined they can’t actually win).

Voting for “none” will no longer be allowed.

“U.S. District Judge Robert Jones ruled Wednesday in favor of a challenge to a state law adopted after the Watergate scandal, The New York Times reported. The plaintiffs included several Republicans backed by the Republican National Committee, two of Mitt Romney’s Electoral College electors, a registered Democrat and an independent,” the UPI reports.

Republicans and Democrats worked together to eliminate what was basically a protest vote. Republicans were miffed because the “none” voters helped defeat John Ensign and catapulted Harry Reid to victory. Reid is now the Democrat majority leader in the Senate.

The UPI does not explain why a registered Democrat and an Independent agreed to push for the removal.

Maybe they think everybody should vote for the establishment parties or stay home.

But if the bankster and former bureaucrat Peter Orszag had his way, you’d be forced by law to vote for the latest crop of teleprompter readers and corporatist grocery clerks selected to pretend they represent you.

In order to warm the boobeoisie up to the idea, Orszag’s buddies at Brookings and the neocon nest at the American Enterprise Institute “have proposed pairing a compulsory vote with a lottery in which voters can win money financed by the fines of nonvoters.”

Confiscation of wealth seems to get more and more inventive as time rolls on.

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