June 20, 2008

Does the local pool supply company need to be regulated against government provocateured patsies, mental deficients, and shoe-bombers?

The Ministry of Homeland Security thinks so.

It’s yet another fine example of government using the phony baloney war on terror to terrorize business. CBS reports:

The federal government will tell 7,000 businesses next week that they are considered high risk-terrorist targets because they house large amounts of chemicals.

The sites — which range from major chemical plants to universities, food processing centers and hospitals — will need to complete a vulnerability assessment so the government can decide how to regulate their security measures in the future.

Of course, this is just the beginning. Before it’s over, just about every business will be required to have “security measures” regulated by the government. It’s the nature of government to regulate and strangulate the life out of every independent venture. In the past, the tried to do this with myriad government agencies, from the EPA to HHS, but now they have the perfect excise — a phantom al-Qaeda that attack about every decade or so, if that.

U.S. intelligence officials say terrorist organizations, including al Qaeda, favor chemical attack methods because of the severe consequences they can inflict.

“I’m trying to complicate these guys’ lives,” said Bob Stephan, assistant secretary of infrastructure protection at the Homeland Security Department.

Imposing varying security measures at sites across the country not only secures the materials inside the sites, but it creates a more difficult operation for the terrorists, he indicated.

It is also a control freak’s dream.

In the near future, however, carbon emissions and saving the planet — that is, taxing and regulating you to death — will make the war on fake terror look like a walk in the park.

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