Kurt Nimmo
May 17, 2010

Nearly a decade after the inside job of September 11, 2010, the government continues its mantra — there are terrorists in America, they hate our freedom, and they will blow things up, including parking garages. Billions of dollars are squandered to protect us from supposed terrorists like Faisal Shahzad, the idiotic Times Square would-be bomber who cobbled together a pile of useless junk the government and corporate media declared to be a deadly bomb.

FEMA and the TSA are training parking valets and other service employees to spot patsies and dupes.

FEMA and the TSA are brainwashing parking attendants about the phantom threat posed by al-Qaeda and white supremacists who hate America because of Obama’s skin color.

“Parking attendants could be the nation’s latest line of defense against terrorist attacks,” reports the Associated Press. “A new government program aims to train thousands of parking industry employees nationwide to watch for and report anything suspicious — abandoned cars, for example, or people hanging around garages, taking photographs or asking unusual questions.”

Hundreds of people gathered in Las Vegas to hear government nonsense about strange odors such as diesel from gasoline vehicles, cars parked where they shouldn’t be, people who seem to be conducting surveillance by taking photos or drawing sketches.

Would-be terrorists may attempt to gain access to sensitive places or materials by applying for jobs or asking employees strange questions, said Jeff Beatty, a former FBI and CIA agent who led the training in Las Vegas. “The program is part of a larger effort by the government since 9/11 to enlist ordinary people — airline passengers, subway riders, bus drivers, truckers, doormen, building superintendents — to serve as the eyes and ears of law enforcement,” reports the Associated Press.

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“You’re not going to be Jack Bauer. You’re not going to be James Bond,” said Beatty, and then cited “warning signs” that preceded the government perpetuated bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City.

For instance, prior to the bombing in Oklahoma, numerous employees at the Alfred P. Murrah federal building saw strange things, including the presence of unusual maintenance workers, military people in the parking garage and other strange activity. “It was a couple of weeks before the bombing. I had seen McVeigh in the building prior to the bombing, around the first week of April,” said Jane Graham, a HUD employee. “He was in military fatigues.”

People who had the misfortune of witnessing strange things in Oklahoma City turned up dead, including Oklahoma City police officers, Terrance Yeakey, Gordon Martin and Ken Griffin, a number of Oklahoma City firefighters, Dr. H. Don Chumley, G.S.A. employee Mike Loudenslager and others.

The Associated Press reports that all parking valets, housekeepers and casino cashiers at the MGM Mirage in Las Vegas are trained to watch for signs of terrorism. In Boulder, Colorado, city employees who write parking tickets and operate lots will go through the anti-terror training. “A lot of this is just developing a sense of personal responsibility about things that just don’t seem right,” said Molly Winter, Boulder’s parking services director.

Hopefully indoctrinated service employees will spot dupes and patsies and not government operatives planting Semtex and C-4 in parking garages. Staying healthy and alive depends on it.

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