Kurt Nimmo
November 2, 2013

More evidence Congress is in bed with the spooks and the underwear drawer sniffer brigade. On Friday, we learned that constitutional traitor and control freak gun-grabber Dianne Feinstein’s FISA (secret court) bill was given the thumbs up by the Senate Intelligence Committee. The legislation will give a blank check to the Stasi mutants over at the NSA.

Julian Sanchez at CATO gives us the skinny:

The bill for the first time explicitly authorizes, and therefore entrenches in statute, the bulk collection of communications records, subject to more or less the same rules already imposed by the FISA Court. It endorses, rather than prohibits, what the NSA is already doing. Moreover, it imposes those restrictions only with respect to bulk collection of communications records—which is dangerous, because it signals to the FISA Court that Congress implicitly endorses the use of Section 215 to collect other records in bulk without comparable restrictions. (The key phrase “acquisition in bulk,” incidentally, does not appear to be given any concrete definition.)

Perhaps most troubling, the bill contains a section stipulating that bulk orders for communications records may not acquire the contents of any communications. That sounds good, right? The problem is, under canons of judicial interpretation, a narrow and explicit prohibition on getting content under bulk orders for communications records could easily be read to imply that content can be acquired via non-bulk orders, or even via bulk orders for other types of records.

Feinstein’s dog and pony show condemnation of NSA snooping on foreign leaders – she can, of course, empathize with these folks because they are of the same caliber as her: grocery clerks for the ruling elite – has proven to be skimpy cover. Her legislation, likely to move through the putrid bowels of the Senate where a discernible stain has permeated since 9/11 and before, codifies the non-stop rape of the Fourth Amendment.

All that remains now is for the hired killers in thousand dollar suits to put the knife in and twist it around until nothing remains but a corpse.


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