Kurt Nimmo
May 21, 2008

Only in neocon America is an unrepentant war criminal allowed to walk around freely and hawk his book. That war criminal is Douglas Feith, Iraq invasion and occupation architect with the blood of a million plug Iraqis on his hands. Feith should be in the docket, not at the National Press Club. At the event, reports Think Progress, Feith “repeated his claim that the faulty intelligence regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was an ‘error,’ not a lie. Additionally, he insisted that the U.S. had in fact found ‘a serious WMD threat’ in Iraq,” a complete and utter lie offered by Feith to save his skin and salvage his place in history.

While the failure to find presumed stockpiles of dangerous weapons “was catastrophic to our credibility,” he said, it was not a result of government deception.

“It was an honest error, not a lie,” he said. “Even if you correct for that error, what we found in Iraq was a serious WMD threat.“

Au contraire, Spanky. You knew damn well Iraq did not have WMD one, as the UN made sure to get rid of these back in the mid-1990s, never mind the people you worked for sold these to Saddam Hussein in the first place, mostly for the purpose of killing Iranians back in the 80s. For now, you are allowed to hawk your lies, but in the final wash history will not be kind to you. However, it is more the pity we have to wait that long.

Even the Pentagon’s own inspector general found Feith’s Office of Special Plans was nothing short of a lie factory. It was determined there was absolutely no evidence Iraq had WMD, a conclusion backed up by the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency. Feith and crew simply ignored this. They made the absurd claim that Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden were buds, never mind the obvious fact they hated each other and said as much. Post invasion debriefs of Hussein, Tariq Aziz, former Iraqi Intelligence Minister Mani al-Rashid, and supposed senior al-Qaeda operative Ibn al-Shaykh, among others, spelled out the obvious — Iraq had nothing to do with al-Qaeda. But no mind. Feith and his gaggle of criminals pushed this nonsense incessantly.

Feith had himself a full plate back in the day. In addition to the OSP lie factory, he established the Office of Strategic Intelligence, which was closed down after creating a furor in Congress because of its purported aim of “providing news items, possibly even false ones, to foreign media organizations as part of an effort to influence public sentiment and policy makers,” that is to say it passed off lies, by way of fellow neocon David Wurmser, to people such as Judith Miller, the New York Times columnist and neocon operative in Eleana Benador’s stable, connected at the hip with the American Enterprise Institute, a criminal racket.

But war crimes and the lies designed to facilitate them were apparently not enough. He was questioned by the FBI in relation to the passing by one of his employees of confidential Pentagon documents to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which in turn passed them to the Israeli Embassy. Once upon a time, such treason was punished at the gallows, but that was before the country went insane. Now such criminals are allowed to walk free and sell books while antiwar activists receive terms in prison, quite normal in a land where black is white, up is down, and war pigs get teaching gigs and lucrative speaking engagements.

It is worse, though. Feith and his firm, Feith & Zell, in cahoots with the Israel-based Zell, Goldberg, & Co., was allowed to create the Fandz International Law Group, a company unabashedly “dealing with issues and opportunities relating to the recently ended war with Iraq … and is assisting regional construction and logistics firms to collaborate with contractors from the United States and other coalition countries in implementing infrastructure and other reconstruction projects in Iraq,” in other words, profiting mightily off the misery of the Iraqi people, that is minus a million or so souls Feith is responsible for killing.

Feith’s pernicious influence will not die, apparently. Recall former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee insisting Iraq’s fictional weapons were hidden like “Easter eggs” and moved to Jordan before the invasion. He also called it an “overreach” to say that just because we didn’t find them means they didn’t exist — sort of like saying the tooth fairy exists, never mind nobody has actually ever encountered her.

Douglas Feith needs to be confronted at his book signings and public appearances. But considering how neocons are protected by a bevy of goons — take as an example the mistreatment of We Are Change journalists at a recent Ollie North lie fest in Kentucky — it does not seem likely Feith will be confronted. Recall one of Feith’s partners in crime, David Frum, allowed to attack We Are Change activist Stewart Howe, assaulting him and grabbing at his camera, and you get an idea of the special status these criminals enjoy.

Once upon a time, before criminals hijacked the government, people of Feith’s caliber were dealt a bit of frontier justice. For lesser crimes, they were shellacked with tar and feathers and escorted out of town on a rail. Horse thieves were taken to the nearest tree and hung high for far less egregious crimes.

Now? We love or war criminals. And shower them with book contracts and teaching positions at Georgetown University.

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