Planet Infowars
July 22, 2013

WE DON’T NEED NO STINKING Guillotines. We can just put Them in their FEMA Camps. Fed with GM food and fluoride water, given their vaccines with no medical aid! Special for Them! The rest, the guards, can use their imaginations for! Stop the NWO, The Bilderberg Group, The United Nations, and NATO! Dismantle the “CFR” and Trilateral Commission, as well as all of their subsidiaries! They are the Globalist’s Corporate Military Criminal Complex! They are the Eugenicists!

AGAIN!… (The answer is NO! …)

Save you, Mr. Jefferson…

Have you ever had a “Globalist” (Interrupt you to) look you in the eye and open their mouth? I have, and the slime that exudes is beyond belief… The next one that interrupts my conversation to tell me how it is going to be will have committed “Aggravated Assault” and the Self Defense mechanism will have taken its very exacting toll! This $#!t has got to be STOPPED!

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