The Federal Emergency Management Agency kept a close eye on “civil unrest” in Ferguson, Missouri, in the days immediately following the Aug. 9 shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, according to records obtained by The Huffington Post.

FEMA’s regional watch center compiled near-daily reports from open sources like news accounts, social media and, in one case, a map created by a user of the popular website Reddit. They demonstrate federal authorities’ intense interest in the Ferguson protests despite the lack of local requests for FEMA assistance.

Reflecting the news accounts they were based on, the reports from the Kansas City, Missouri, watch center stressed the Molotov cocktails, rocks and bullets flying in “violent protests.” The bulletins do not suggest that FEMA attempted to collect intelligence or conduct surveillance in the St. Louis area itself.

They began almost immediately after protests engulfed Ferguson. An “incident report” for Aug. 10, the day following Brown’s death, states that “over the past couple of days large, emotionally charged crowds have gathered at the scene of the incident.”

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