A female cop shot an Arkansas man who allegedly kicked down her door Saturday night.

Police released more details on the shooting Monday. They say Little Rock Police Officer Lora Montano, 24, went to investigate a noise and found a man in her home, Arkansas Online reports. Police say Hershel Brigance, 25, has been charged with residential burglary in the incident.

“Once at the scene they learned from Montano that she woke up to her dog barking and someone kicking-in her door,” Conway Police Department said on Facebook Monday. “She told investigators that she got her gun, went to check out the noise and encountered a black male dressed in all black inside her home and she fired her weapon at him. According to the victim the man ran from the scene and she wasn’t sure if she had shot him.”

Brigance was caught after going to the hospital for the gunshot wound. He is now at the Faulkner County Detention Center. Montano is on paid leave while police investigate the shooting.

A Daily Caller News Foundation investigation of self-defense shootings between July 2014 and July 2015 found that hundreds of potential victims were saved by gun-toting Americans. As in Montano’s shooting, the analysis found that gun carriers were able to defend themselves usually without killing the invader. Of 217 suspects in the analysis, 148 perpetrators survived their encounter with a gun carrier, whether they took a gunshot wound or simply fled. The other 69 were killed, so more than half the suspects involved survived.

See the investigation’s interactive graphic here.

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