June 29, 2012

The days leading up to the final announcement of the Reporter Contest were filled with intense deliberation. With all the outstanding contest entries that were submitted, Alex found it was much harder to choose a winner than he’d originally imagined it would be.

In fact, the decision was so difficult that Alex was only able to reach a conclusion on the female portion of the contest: “All the other women and all the other reporters, it was just insane how good you were.” As Alex states, “This contest was the most successful ever.” We received over a thousand contest submissions.

The male winner will be announced on the Infowars Nightly News tonight which airs at 7pm CST at

Thursday night Alex announced Jennifer Collins as the winner of the Female portion of the Reporter Contest. She will receive $5,000 in addition to having the opportunity to interview for one of two reporter positions with

While ideally (and possibly in the future) Alex would like to hire multiple reporters to fill anchor and reporter roles and work alongside the likes of Aaron Dykes, Darrin McBreen, and Rob Dew, the shoestring Infowars budget does not allow it at the moment.

Honorable mentions were given to Linda West and Melissa Melton: “We want to talk to you, try to talk about our budget, try to hire you, try to get you here, or if not have you as a correspondent.”

Alex wants it noted that everybody that entered the contest won in different ways, so please don’t be discouraged if your entry didn’t make the final cut. Keep on fighting tyranny in your own ways; we are all part of the Infowar.

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