Prominent feminist Jessica Valenti claims that men who don’t ‘follow’ enough women on Twitter are engaging in a form of “passive sexism.”

The Guardian columnist tweeted her disgust after she admitted to spying on a male commuter, commenting, “The guy next to me on the subway was checking Twitter; he followed almost all the same people I did but NO WOMEN. Passive sexism is for real.”

No, this is not a satire account intended to satirize how batshit crazy western third wave feminists have become, these are actual tweets sent out by an influential feminist who boasts almost 100,000 followers.

Valenti also asserts that if your favorite authors, musicians and artists are men then your tastes are “suspect,” implying that identifying with writers and performers of the same gender as you is another form of misogyny.

Valenti’s ridiculous assertion that not following enough women on Twitter or liking music and books written by men is a stealthy form of patriarchal oppression is yet another example of why third wave feminism is a complete joke and serves to discredit concern for genuine women’s rights issues.

Valenti’s creepy obsession with casually violating people’s privacy and shaming them on Twitter for the thought crime of not following who she thinks they should also illustrates how radical feminists have positioned themselves as authoritarian intellectual gatekeepers who are intent on controlling free expression.

The reaction to her rampaging idiocy was swift, leading Valenti to claim that people were “mad” at her and that she would use the backlash as material for her next column.

Other Twitter users quickly set her straight, pointing out that no one was “mad” at her, they were just laughing at her.

More hilarity ensued, which you can enjoy below.

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