Irate feminists have accused a clothing company of “fat shaming” babies over a onesie outfit which features the words, “I hate my thighs,” asserting that the message is detrimental to babies’ body image.

Ms. Magazine editor Michele Kort, whose article on the subject drew attention to this apparently vital cause, wrote, “We feminists do have a sense of humor. But really, there’s something icky about projecting fat awareness on babies.”

No Michele, you don’t have a sense of humor, and neither do the perpetually offended joyless feminist harpies that collapsed in hysteria over this.

Kort is apparently unaware of the basic fact that babies can’t read and would have absolutely no idea what the text on the onesie meant, meaning it would be impossible to feel “fat shamed” – not that they would even begin to grasp the concept of “fat shaming” to begin with.

However, an NBC Today poll found that 56% of viewers thought the onesie was “offensive,” with just 41% considering it to be “cute”.

Wry Baby, the company that produced the outfit, initially pulled the item after the controversy began but then put it back up on their website alongside another version which read, “love me for my leg rolls”.

But that wasn’t good enough for Kort, who persisted with her insanity, remarking, “Sorry that we don’t see much difference between I Hate My Thighs and Love Me For My Leg Rolls; the subtext of the latter is that someone would NOT be loved for her leg rolls. But of course we’re making too much of this, right?”

Wry Baby refused to back down despite Kort’s attempt to whip up a phony outrage campaign.

“We couldn’t agree more about body image,” the company wrote. “That’s why we made an ironic joke about it. Obviously no baby would or should hate their thighs! … But we’re glad you’re able to froth up your readers this week and shine a light on what is apparently a vital mission of Ms. Magazine – reviewing baby clothes.”

This colossally stupid story once again illustrates how third wave feminists will get offended about the most inanely ludicrous non-issue and then absorb it into their demented social justice warrior crusade.

It’s also another example of how monumentally stupid third wave feminists continue to discredit real women’s rights issues by obsessing about complete nonsense like baby clothes.

Watch the video below to learn more about how the ‘fat pride movement’ has become the newest and perhaps most demented branch of third wave feminism.

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