You know what’s terrible about money according to feminists? Too many white, male, slave traders on it.

That’s why two of them started a campaign to give women a shot to replace the men on United States currency. Created by Susan Ades Stone and Barbara Ortiz Howard, “Women on 20s” aims to remove Andrew Jackson and replace him with a more suitable historical figure. (They’ll try for other bills later.)

From their New York Times op-ed:

Anything short of a simultaneous redesign of the $20 bill giving women a place of their own in the all-male pantheon of our paper money is an affront. Sparked by our movement, hundreds of thousands of women and men have sent that message to the Treasury in the form of petitions, tweets and emails.

If… the images on our currency reflect what we value as a nation, then Jackson, a slave trader and Native American oppressor, should be removed from the ubiquitous $20 bill and replaced by the freed slave and freedom fighter Harriet Tubman, the choice in our online survey that polled more than half a million people.

The ladies hope the U.S. will take a cue from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who just announced “his intention to give women a bill of their own” on Canadian currency by 2018. Or other nations like Mexico and “a dozen” others, who already have women featured on their currency.

Stone and Howard say it’s “political will” that stands in the way of a redesign for Jackson’s bill. And so they plead for President Obama to make it right with the following demand:

This administration, in its remaining time, can and should redesign the 20 and have it in our hands in time to celebrate the centennial of the inclusion of women in our democracy in 2020.

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