Comedian commits misogynistic thought crime

Paul Joseph Watson
October 29, 2013

Feminists are angry at comedian Russell Brand over a recent New Statesman editorial in which Brand referred to a woman as “beautiful”.

Image: Russell Brand (Wikimedia Commons).

Although most of the debate over Brand’s involvement with the magazine centered around his call for a “revolution,”’s Natasha Lennard said she couldn’t bring herself to jump on the “Brandwagon” because the actor’s “framing of women is nothing short of the most archetypal misogyny.”

What was the nature of Brand’s disgraceful sexist attack on women? He wrote the following words: “When I was asked to edit an issue of the New Statesman I said yes because it was a beautiful woman asking me.”

That’s right, feminists are mad at Brand because he referred to a woman as “beautiful” and cited it as a reason for accepting the role of New Statesman editor.

Lennard then quotes writer Musa Okwonga, who accuses Brand of engaging in “lazy sexism” and “alienating” his feminist allies by means of his “flippant objectification” of women.

While women in foreign lands are being stoned to death for owning cellphones and seriously oppressed in a myriad of different ways which primarily relate to the exercise of extremist Islam, feminists like Lennard and Okwonga are more concerned about a comedian using a complementary word to describe the fairer sex.

Apparently, feminists now think that even referring to a woman’s good looks is a hateful and derisory dismissal of the entire female species.

Watch last week’s BBC Newsnight interview below, during which Brand’s misogynistic thought crime is replicated when he dares to refer to a woman as “attractive”.

Emmeline Pankhurst rolls in her grave.

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