Despite routinely targeting men for fostering a “rape culture,” feminists are deftly silent about the brutal gang rape of a woman in her own home while her children were present.

The victim, retired adult performer Cytherea, was at home with her family in Las Vegas, Nev., when a gang of thugs reportedly kicked in her door, robbed the family at gunpoint, then proceeded to rape her.

And although multiple news outlets carried the story, it received no attention from popular feminist blogs.

“Here you have a woman who’s a real victim of a real rape and a real assault, and those same women who claim they care about women’s rights have done nothing,” Mercedes Carrera stated, who started a charity for Cytherea. “…This is why I’m so pissed off at modern feminists: they claim to care about women but when there are actually women in need, what do they do? #*@$ing radio silence.”

“They don’t [care] about anyone except themselves.”

But why is that? Why do feminists ignore real rape victims like Cytherea to focus instead on rape hoaxes, such as the recent Rolling Stone/University of Virginia controversy? Because the modern feminist movement is not about protecting women: it’s about subjugating men.

“Feminists don’t care about rape victims, and they never have,” Matt Forney of Return of Kings wrote. “The ‘rape culture’ narrative is driven not by a genuine concern for women who’ve been sexually assaulted, but by the neurotic fear young American women have of men and masculinity.”

“‘Rape culture’ hysterics are driven purely by the narcissism and social retardation of the millennial generation.”

Case in point, one feminist recently said that women shouldn’t be allowed to carry concealed handguns on campus for protection because it “devalues sexual assault,” as if women should give up their right to self-defense for the feminist agenda.

“The argument that guns could help turn the tide on campus sexual assaults implicitly devalues sexual assaults without physical force as not part of the problem,” she wrote for Vox.

Even more disturbing, Return of Kings’ Forney also pointed out that when his fellow writer, Roosh Valizadeh, posted a satirical article suggesting that legalizing rape on private property would end the “rape culture,” feminists writers at The Mirror, xoJane, Raw Story and others exploded in rage, but none of them even bothered to report on Cytherea’s actual rape.

“We saw a similar situation several months back when it was revealed that Pakistani rapist-pimps had forced thousands of white girls in the English city of Rotherham into the sex trade for over a decade, but local authorities didn’t do anything about it out of fear of being seen as ‘racist,'” he added. “Feminists all but ignored the Rotherham debacle in favor of wringing their hands over the ‘victimization’ of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrity white girls in the ‘Fappening.'”

“The reason why feminists are more upset over satirical articles and the ‘problems’ of millionaires then by actual rape is because they’re narcissists.”

“Their agita about ‘rape culture’ is driven by a desire to remake the world to accommodate their various flaws. ‘Yes Means Yes’ laws, campaigns against ‘manspreading,’ and the like are smokescreens to disguise young women’s fear of masculinity and discomfort with themselves,” he added.

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