Marriage is in decline throughout the West, so should we be surprised cuckolding your husband is now just thing a woman might have to do?

New York magazine’s “Beta Male” fully lived up to its pegged name Thursday when it released an article entitled, “Women Are Now Cheating As Much As Men, But With Fewer Consequences.” The piece, written by a woman, aims to answer the question as to why this phenomenon is occurring in the most sympathetic light possible.

The takeaway from this article is that men, upon entering marriage, should be fully ready for the chance that if they fail to satisfy their wives, she will cheat, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The article begins with a light-hearted anecdote about how multiple women in a New England soccer mom circle have cheated on their husbands, before mentioning the “milestone in the march towards equality” in that women are now having as many extramarital affairs as men. The writer, Alyssa Giacobbo, offers a variety of factors for this development — ranging from more female breadwinners and the prevalence of the internet — before reaching what she believes is the primary culprit: women wanting to “have it all” and feeling deflated at not attaining it.

“Women now are more aware of the alternatives to monogamy and more inclined to demand to have all their needs met,” anthropologist Helen Fisher told New York. “That’s because happiness is such an important part of marriage. Fewer women are marrying out of need; instead, they’re marrying to please themselves. But that also means when they’re dissatisfied with something they feel justified to go elsewhere.”

A self-described relationships expert says in the article this dissatisfaction is a result of the increasingly egalitarian nature of marriage, with all the sharing of chores and such. The familiarity with the husband breeds boredom and a desire for something more “spontaneous.”

So that desire is answered by the wife with late night rendezvous with the boss, according to the horrifying stories Giacobbo recounts.

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