Police cancelled a “prevent rape” public awareness campaign because feminists claimed it encouraged “victim blaming.”

The campaign by the Sussex, U.K., Police featured posters hung on the walls of female restrooms at nightclubs stating that “many sexual assaults could be prevented” if women “stick together” during their nights out.

“It’s sensible advice to any right-thinking individual; however, the usual array of [feminist] fundamentalists took great issue with it,” Theodore Gumbril with Return of Kings reported.

And take issue with it they did, forcing police to pull the posters altogether.

“This kind of messaging (while it can be well-meaning) plays into hugely problematic victim-blaming within our society, which can make victims of sexual offenses feel unable to come forward for fear they will be blamed for what happened,” British feminist writer Laura Bates told The Guardian. “Focusing on victim behavior prevents us from placing the blame where it belongs – with the perpetrator alone.”


Glosswitch, another British feminist, echoed a similar sentiment.

“We are told to think of ourselves as laptops, as unlocked doors, as open wallets, as property that anyone might take unless we’re locked safely away,” she harped.

Of course it’s just like feminists to take offense at a campaign intended to prevent rape because modern-day feminism is more about subjugating men than stopping violence against women.

Remember it was feminists who claimed that allowing female college students to carry concealed handguns on campus for self-defense would “devalue sexual assault.”

“The argument that guns could help turn the tide on campus sexual assaults implicitly devalues sexual assaults without physical force as not part of the problem,” Vox’s Libby Nelson wrote, who was seemingly more concerned with pushing a feminist agenda than stopping the violent rapes that do occur.

And it’s feminists who prevent law professors from teaching legal courses on rape and sexual violence because they might “traumatize” students.

“[Feminist] organizations ask criminal-law teachers to warn their classes that the rape-law unit might ‘trigger’ traumatic memories,” Harvard Law Professor Jeannie Suk wrote in the New Yorker. “Individual students often ask teachers not to include the law of rape on exams for fear that the material would cause them to perform less well.”

But by scaring professors from teaching rape law, feminists are actually helping rapists avoid justice because an entire generation of lawyers and legal experts are going to be completely clueless about the legalities surrounding sexual violence.

Let’s also not forget that feminists were noticably silent when a woman was brutally gang raped in her own home when her children were present.

“Here you have a woman who’s a real victim of a real rape and a real assault, and those same women who claim they care about women’s rights have done nothing,” social commentator Mercedes Carrera stated, who started a charity for the victim. “…This is why I’m so pissed off at modern feminists: they claim to care about women but when there are actually women in need, what do they do? #*@$ing radio silence.”

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