Logic and facts are to feminists what holy water and sunlight is to vampires.

When confronted with reason and coherence, feminists flee to their “safe spaces,” petrified that coming face to face with the truth about their batshit crazy beliefs will leave them “triggered” for life.

During a recent ‘Slutwalk’ in Edmonton, The Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern once again highlighted the stunning incompetence of feminists when it comes to defending their viewpoints.

WARNING: These clips may cause spontaneous fits of uncontrolled laughter.

1) Feminist says I don’t need to give you facts, because I don’t have any

Feminist with a sign that reads, “Consent is my best feature,” rails against rape culture in the west.

Although rape culture in the west isn’t a thing – there are no statistics to prove it, the woman asserts that male rapists are given lenient sentences.

When asked to provide specific examples that illustrate her point, she admits she doesn’t have any.

Apparently, repeatedly insisting “of course we live in a rape culture” is enough to prove that we live in a rape culture.

2) Male feminist can’t even explain what his sign means

“In honesty, I didn’t make the sign.”

Hmmm, then why are you attending a feminist protest? And who gave you the sign? And are you only carrying it to try and sleep with them?

3) Feminist says rape allegations should be believed without evidence

People should be imprisoned for rape on mere allegation alone. No evidence is necessary.

“You can’t put someone in prison if you haven’t proven them guilty of something,” responds Southern.

“We have to believe any rape victim,” responds the feminist.

You may think this sounds completely moronic, but it’s actually what prominent feminists are pushing, and judging by the leftist media’s treatment of the Mattress Girl story and the UVA rape hoax, many do believe that allegations trump actual evidence.

4) Feminist says being catcalled is the same as being stoned to death

You can’t oppose rape unless you’ve been raped (despite the fact that, statistically, almost all if not all of the participants in the protest have never been raped).

Comparing catcalling to rape isn’t trivializing rape because being catcalled is the same as being stoned to death because “one thing leads to another.”

The best way to prevent men from catcalling and leering at women is to walk around topless.

When Lauren silences the feminist with logic, her friend leaps to her defense, “This isn’t about catcalling.”

Even though that’s exactly what a ‘Slutwalk’ is all about.

And there you have it.

If feminists are wondering why 82% of Americans don’t consider themselves to be feminists, these videos tell you everything you need to know.

Watch the full video from the Edmonton ‘Slutwalk’ below. Check out Rebel Media here. Check out Lauren Southern here.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

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