Under a new crime called “rape by fraud,” feminists want to make it illegal to lie to women before sex. Months or even years down the line, they want to pursue lovers who jilted them by being dishonest before intercourse, and hit them with rape charges.

This campaign is being spearheaded by a woman called Joyce M. Short, whose blog suggests that her ex “undermined my ability to have a loving family”. For years since she’s been on a crusade to have what she calls “rape by fraud” – ie lying before sex – instituted into law as a crime on a par with violent sexual assault.

Short also argues that women should demand proof of ID and personal history before consenting to sex, including passport, drivers license, proof of address, proof of income, divorce certificate, diploma, family history, and personal health records.

She also invites her jilted readers to grass up “cad suspects,” naming and shaming them in the same vein as Megan’s Law, a list of sex offenders created in response to the death of Megan Kanka, a 7-year-old girl who was raped and murdered.

Dozens of individuals, the vast majority of whom are men, are listed on this website with their full names, date of birth, marital status, how many children they have, city and location – with no actual evidence to prove they’ve done anything wrong – putting them in the same context as a pedophile murderer who killed a little girl, all because these jilted women claim the men lied at some point during the relationship.

And if you think this whole idea is just the demented deluded drivel of fringe feminists, then think again. Late last year, New Jersey lawmaker Troy Singleton introduced a bill that would create the crime of “sexual assault by fraud” punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Underscoring again how the virus of third wave feminism is infecting the education system, “rape by fraud” was also a topic of discussion in a freshman high school health class.

Just as college kids are being indoctrinated with the notion of campus “rape culture,” which has been completely debunked by Justice Department statistics, now high school kids are being bombarded with the same fradulent baloney.

Which brings us back full circle. Just like the college rape culture myth, the scale of this “rape by fraud” fable has to be completely exaggerated by feminists because there is no real rape culture in the United States. There is a real rape culture amongst Muslim immigrants who abuse and traffic white girls in European countries, but feminists don’t talk about that because it’s not politically correct, and because they’re absolute hypocrites.

While being outraged for years over a UVA rape scandal that was completely fabricated, feminists ignored the very real and brutal home invasion rape of porn star Cytherea, because of their dogmatic hate of women who work in adult entertainment.

The sheer lunacy of “rape by fraud” is merely another method via which feminists are indoctrinating women to live in a state of permanent victimhood – a condition of learned helplessness that completely contradicts the premise that feminism should be empowering to women.

Short tells women to “disengage” from people who tell them to “just get over it” and “move on”.

Instead, she suggests that women embrace the notion that they have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – which is on a par with victims of violent military combat, terrorist attacks and prolonged violent sexual abuse, again all because someone merely lied to them before sex about a characteristic, their income or education.

It’s obviously unpleasant if someone lies to you just to get sex. But to then turn that into a personal vendetta which drags on for years or decades and to then try and make lying in relationships a criminal offense on a par with rape is clearly completely absurd from a practical and legal standpoint.

Why don’t feminists focus on supporting actual verifiable rape victims and not ignore them because of political correctness or dogmatic ideological grudges? We have genuine issues with rape culture that need to be addressed, but instead, feminists are busy steering phony outrage campaigns and entire movements around completely contrived ones like college rape culture and “rape by fraud”.

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