Debating feminists can be a trying affair.

Their tendencies to use straw men fallacies, ad hominem attacks, emotionally-loaded but hollow rhetoric while constantly moving the goal posts is well known. As is, when all else fails, they settle for the tried and true muh-harrassment tactic. But more than just faulty reasoning—if you can even call it that—much of what feminists argue involves having their cake and eating it too. (And in most cases, this involves a very substantial amount of cake.)

In this article we’ll focus on one particular gaping hole in feminist “logic.” Aside from the radical feminists who explicitly hate men, most feminists deny the charge that they despise, hate or hold men in contempt. “It’s the patriarchy” or something like that. Men “aren’t naturally bad, it’s society and the environment” or “toxic masculinity” or whatever.

Aside by the interesting point that this is pretty close to an admission that they despise men, in general, as they are in the real world today, it would at least be a coherent position.

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