The mainstream media was caught shouting at Roger Stone and drowning out his comments during his first major press conference after his arrest.

Stone was met with a sea of “boos” and taunts outside of the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, courthouse immediately after exiting his exclusive interview on the Alex Jones Show Friday afternoon.

Jones predicted the tactic and advised Stone the media themselves would attempt to silence him during the press event despite the fact that Stone was exercising his right to free speech just as the press does every day.

Not long afterward, Stone returned to the Alex Jones Show to deliver exclusive statements away from the disruptive media.

Tune in now to catch details how he’s limited to Washington DC, New York City, and South Florida.

Roger Stone attempting to refute the crimes charged against him before the shouting press.


Roger Stone delivering his first-hand account of his arrest Friday morning.

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The mainstream media ignores Roger Stone’s actual statements regarding his indictment.

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