Did you ever wonder why race hustlers champion victims such as Trayvon or Michael Brown?

Since 911, the police in the US have killed more than 5,000 Americans. You are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist. Despite this brutality, governments at every level seek to further militarize the police, to consolidate power in the state.

Ferguson is a psyop against all Americans.

Here’s how it works.

1) Blacks in Ferguson have very real concerns about policing in their community.

2) The authorities have failed to address their complaints. No one will listen.

3) Over time, they grow increasingly frustrated and angry.

4) Finally, Al Sharpton and even the President of the United States are paying attention to them. It feels great that someone important is finally listening.

5) The urge to seize the day and rally for change is irresistible. The entire world is watching.

6) Meanwhile, the white television audience knows nothing about living in Ferguson, about years of disrespect and unfair treatment. Since they are unaffected by living day to day in Ferguson, whites are inclined to focus on the details of this particular case.

7) In this case, a black man appears to have robbed a store and attempted to grab a policeman’s gun. He’s not an innocent or sympathetic character in the eyes of white America.

8) But to the residents of Ferguson, the facts of Mike Brown’s case don’t matter as much as the larger mission. They are protesting a corrupt system and expressing years of pent up frustrations. And besides, the cameras are here, today. It’s time to act. There will never be a better time.

9) The race hustlers choose fact patterns like this because they know each side feels justified in its interpretation of events. Each side wonders how the other could be so blind. It must be because they don’t care, or they’re evil. Michael Brown’s death presents a perfect fact pattern to sow distrust and hatred. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

10) If Mike Brown were 100% innocent, all decent people, regardless of color, could have protested hand in hand as united brothers and sisters against the police and effected real change. The police would have been the sole focus of a wholly righteous protest.

11) Since Mike Brown is not wholly innocent, to white television viewers, blacks appear irrational and immoral for rioting on behalf of a thug.

12) The more blacks riot on live TV, the more whites learn to fear them, to believe they are violent and unpredictable. Blacks are protesting an oppressive system, but whites wrongly and predictably assume they are merely defending a thug. Whites become convinced blacks are irrational and violent, dangerous.

13) After the blacks have been egged on by President Obama to burn down their own neighborhood, whites across America will demand greater police protection – and the state will gain more power. As a strategy to gain power, divide and conquer works.

14) Once the riot is over, the cameras will leave and the residents of Ferguson will be forgotten. Nothing will improve in their community. In fact, it will get much worse as business owners and professionals leave a now smoldering ruin.

15) Those left behind will vote Democratic forever to beg for scraps and handouts from the government.

16) Hope and Change – Alinsky style.

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