William Bigelow
December 30, 2013

The fight against the crippling regulations imposed by Barack Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency on the coal industry is ratcheting to a higher level now that the regulations are soon to be imposed. Obama has said he wants to reduce emissions by 17% by 2020, calling for an end to the country’s “limitless dumping of carbon pollution.”

The new regulations will severely limit carbon dioxide emission from already existing coal plants as well as limit emissions on new plants. In addition, the new regulations will force all the plants to adhere to “commercially feasible” clean-energy technologies, a prospect so grim that even West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin described them as “impossible” to achieve.

In 2012, U.S. coal production dropped to its lowest level in almost twenty years. The prospective loss of jobs is huge; economist Nicolas Loris of the Heritage Foundation said coal industry jobs will fall by 600,000 jobs by 2023. He added, “It’s going to significantly cripple our economy. It will reduce household income as people are forced to spend more money on their energy bills. Anyway you shake this it’s a no-win for our economy.” He concluded by telling Newsmax, “Now that it’s starting to become a reality and the war on coal is really coming, I do think you’ll see more opposition.”

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