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July 23, 2013

Click here to view the finalists of the Infowars Paul Revere Contest.

PURGE is a fictional narrative short film about a takeover of the Dept. of Homeland Security by a secretive foreign banking cartel. As the globalist bankers prepare to implode the economy of the US to consolidate the assets of the nation for themselves, a purge is underway to pursue Americans who will not comply with the bankers agenda, especially military veterans. The film has been on YouTube for the past 2 months and has generated over 52,000 views and is competing at the Operation Paul Revere Online Film Festival, now underway.

Alex Jones, national radio host and CEO of created the Operation Paul Revere Film Festival to promote liberty and to expose tyranny. All films submitted to the competition must fit that purpose, be over 3 minutes in length, and may be a narrative or documentary. The festival is also serving as a talent search to produce more of Alex Jones’ films, which generate hundreds of millions of viewers online and on DVD.

Michael Dohrmann, who is the writer and director of PURGE, thought of the film concept after listening to Alex Jones radio program and studying for himself the DHS Document entitled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.” According to Michael Dohrmann, the document prepares the federal government to illegally pursue US citizens as terrorists during an economic collapse.

Michael Dohrmann is excited to explore the possibilities of working with to make a fictional narratives via theatrical film or web-series. Viewers can see other titles produced by Michael Dohrmann on IMDB including his last western-feature release: RENEGADE, distributed by Barnholtz Entertainment and now available on DVD.

The finalists of the online film festival will be selected on July 22nd with 3rd place declared on July 25th (prize $5,000), 2nd place declared on July 26th ($10,000), and 1st Place awarded on July 29th (prize $100,000).

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