Patrick Henningsen
September 27, 2011

I suppose I’m not alone in being part of a growing camp of media consumers who fall into the category of being perennially disappointed by the 21st century mainstream media’s complete inability to produce any investigative material with real teeth. With all their access, budgets and resources, I still expect that once in while they will score a goal for the people who they are meant to be acting as ‘watchdog’ for.

In other words, even the biggest skeptics among us are still privately keeping a candle in our window in the hopes that some TV producer will be cunning enough and have the guts to cut a piece that will strike deep into the heart of the establishment.

Last night Britain’s Channel 4 aired its new documentary film entitled, The Wonderful World of Tony Blair, and although it was only 47.06 min running time, reporter Peter Oborne managed to do what MSM journalists are so rarely able to do, or not allowed to, that is, showing-up one of the globalists’ chief operators. In this case, it is former British PM, war criminal and New World Order errand boy Tony Blair, and this film does a brilliant job revealing the full extent of his criminal enterprise.

In the same sweep, Oborne also managed to skillfully expose Blair’s new position- as ‘Peace Envoy’ for the obscure Middle East diplomatic facade known as The Quartet.

What becomes clear early into the film is the size and far-reaching scope of Blair’s financial operation, centred around his near-invisible consultancy, Tony Blair Associates(TBA), allegedly an off-shore shell company where he deposits his consultancy fees and through which he advises the likes of JP Morgan, Zurich Financial Services, Louis Vuitton and receives payments for advising the Kuwaiti government and Mubadala, an Abu Dhabi sovereign fund tied to the ruling family of that Emirate.

TBA is shrouded in secrecy, and although documentary investigators were unable to see the company’s books or financial records, the film shows clearly in gross detail how Tony Blair, a master Machiavellian globalist operator, uses his high-flying position as Quartet envoy in order to swing massive deals for his employer JP Morgan and their clients in the region, a clear conflict of interest if there ever was one.

Later into the film is where the bombshells get even bigger, as presenter Oborne’s investigation reveals the true nature of the UN’s Quartet, supposedly comprised of supranational entities US, EU, Russia and the UN, and whose mandate is to broker peace in the Middle East. This film exposes the reality of the Quartet–  a totally opaque, free-floating and unaccountable globalist front organisation created to preserve a US-Israeli agenda in the region, effectively keeping the Palestinians tucked away behind a diplomatic wall.

Whether or not any heads will role following the initial airing of this documentary remains to be seen. What it does signal to this writer however, is that there are still a few highly skilled investigative reporters out there within the MSM machine who are willing and ready to take on key establishment players and expose the kind of duplicity that is currently running rampant through globalist institutions like the UN, the EU, and now, through Tony Blair and his clandestine “Quartet”.

Deservedly, hats off to Peter Oborne and Channel 4 for crafting a timely, effective and revealing piece of film work.



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