Billionaire and producer of the film Amerigeddon, currently out in theaters, Gary Heavin brought light to the hidden players behind the globalist agenda and the Washington power structure in an appearance on Fox News Tuesday. 

“There is a shadow government in Washington that makes the decisions, that directs the politicians,” Heavin told Fox News Channel’s Alan Colmes.

“I’m sure George Soros is among them,” Heavin stated.

Pressed on why he believed the former Nazi collaborator to be a member of the “shadow government,” Heavin said, “I believe that George Soros influences policies that are a detriment to the citizens of this country.”

Heavin also named former Secretary of State and Bilderberg kingpin Henry Kissinger as one of the members of the elite helping to take down America and implement a New World Order.

“I’ll give you a quote,” Heavin told Colmes. “Henry Kissinger said that the only thing standing in the way of the New World Order is a strong America, and I don’t know about you, what that means to me is they have to diminish America so they can acquire absolute power.”

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