Outgoing President Barack Obama, whose ideology was inspired by communist radical Frank Marshall Davis, will continue to sow racial discord and class warfare using divide-and-conquer tactics after he steps down, says filmmaker Joel Gilbert.

“Barack Obama was never interested in being the President of the United States,” Gilbert said on The Alex Jones Show on Tuesday. “He was only interested in using the presidency to agitate and to try to divide the country and help foment this long-term [leftist] revolution.”

“Obama is planning to remain the head of the Democrat Party and help organize and agitate for the next four years.”

Gilbert explained that President-elect Trump will need to gut all the wasteful and corrupt government funding of radical organizations and programs to reverse the damage the Obama administration has done over the last eight years.

“The danger is Trump has to succeed and create such a system and purge the Left from all the government institutions,” Gilbert said. “It has to be purged of everything Obama has done to stack the system.”

The globalists’ desperate attacks of labeling Infowars, Breitbart, and others as “fake news” is simply an attempt to shut down investigative media and other points of view, he added.

“This is a continuation of the radical leftist agenda,” Gilbert said. “Because they know that Middle America, the church-going, hard-working people will never buy into this progressive nonsense.”

“The only way they can control us is through the media and through complete control of the Supreme Court and the tools of power, the tools of State.”

The mainstream media’s “fake news” narrative has all but collapsed, but that won’t stop Obama and the globalists from pressing on with their mission to further the leftist revolution and plunge America into economic and cultural unrest.

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